Book Me

My verification is super simple and will make for a much more relaxed and enjoyable time for us both.

Please provide me the booking total in an unsealed envelope, card or gift bag at the beginning of our date.  Donations are for private and exclusive modeling and hostessing, events, special travel, dinner,  overnight and additional travel expenses.

Please contact me directly to make a date and become one of my very special friends. Life is too short so let’s enjoy it together! Include name, age, occupation, location, date/time/duration.  

Also, please don’t waste our time. For a very complete and accurate take on this please read

(202) 702-8680

I will accept phone calls when I can but please respect my time as I’m a very hippie dippie chick and I live a very free lifestyle. I respect my spiritual needs and spend a lot of time in solitude, pondering the meaning of life and my place in this vast and beautiful world. If I’m not enjoying a nap on the river banks then I’m dancing under the stars. Please don’t be concerned if I don’t get back to you right away. Have patience as we will find each other soon enough.